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Clarification Mini-MSR for Grade 4

Below please find a clarification on the Grade 4 Band Mini-MSR Rule for 2017.  This is a clarification, not a change.

“The mini – MSR for Grade 4 shall be defined and must be played as: Four parts 2/4 march, two parts strathspey and two parts reel (4-2-2) OR four parts 2/4 march, four parts strathspey and four parts reel (4-4-4). No other part combinations (such as 4-2-4 or 4-4-2) allowed. For all three tune types, either two 2-parted tunes or one 4-parted tune may be played.  If bands elect to play four parted strathspeys and reels, these must be selected from the RSPBA’s Prescribed Tune List. “


Also, bands are strongly encouraged by the Music Board to play traditional-style, pointed reels rather than round reels.  This event is geared toward the traditional MSR format, so bands should aim to select reels that fit within that genre.

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