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Executive Committee Changes

Executive Committee Changes

It’s with regret that I must announce the resignations of two longtime Executive Committee members.  Two weeks ago Corresponding Secretary Betsy Bethel-McFarland (1/27/18) tendered her resignation.  Betsy cited professional responsibilities and parental care-giving as the reasons she was unable to finish her term of office.  As of yet, this position has not been filled by the Committee.

On 2/7/18, President Dan Cole submitted his resignation.  Dan has faced conflicting obligations that made it difficult to devote the time he wished to the demanding job of President.  In accordance with the provisions of the EUSPBA By Laws, the Executive Committee unanimously selected Vice President Jim Dillahey to finish the remainder of Dan’s term.  The position of vice president has not yet been filled.

Dan and Betsy have devoted countless hours to the pipe band community both on the Executive Committee and within their own bands.  We all owe them our gratitude.  As you see them this year on the games circuit, be sure to give them a big “Thank You!”  It is well deserved.

Jim Engle, Executive Secretary

Letter from New EUSPBA President

EUSPBA Members and Friends,

Many of you are finding out via social media and other avenues that Dan Cole has stepped down as the President of the EUSPBA. Yesterday, the Executive Committee met via teleconference and per the EUSPBA bylaws have asked me to serve as the next President via a unanimous vote. I would like to thank Daniel Cole on behalf of the thousands of soloists, judges, and individuals that make up our member bands for the 7 long years he has devoted to the Association while a member of the Executive Committee. Anybody who has served on the EC can tell you that it is a thankless and tireless job.

I have many things I would like to accomplish over the coming year and plan on reaching out to current members, former EC members, P/M’s, and past Presidents of the EUSPBA for discussion and engagement. I have always thought that you can never move forward without knowing the past and present. I hope that I hear from anybody who has input on how to better the Association and move piping and drumming forward toward maintaining and exceeding the world standard. I feel we are well on our way given the recent accomplishments of our members overseas. Education across the broad ability spectrum is the key to building a solid musical foundation for our members and it will be a key part of the mission moving forward.

I would like to especially thank the members of the EUSPBA Music Board, Branch Officers, and members of the Executive Committee for all of your long hours and commitment toward making this Association what it is. I look forward to continuing to work with each and every one of you!


Jim Dillahey

EUSPBA President

Director of Piping – The Citadel


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