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Progressive Certification Program (PCP)

Progressive Certification Program (PCP)

The Progressive Certification Program (PCP) is a series of exams, written, oral and performance, designed to allow the participant to track their advancements in knowledge and skills in their discipline. EUSPBA is pleased to offer this program with the hope that many members will use it as a means of improving themselves in their musical discipline. Through the certification program the EUSPBA encourages competitors and players not only to achieve higher playing standards, but also to be well rounded musicians.

The program involves demonstrating five levels of proficiency in piping, four in snare drumming, four in bass and tenor and three in drum majors, by sitting examinations. Successful candidates are awarded certificates.

The exams consist of a practical and playing portion to show mastery of rudiments, repertoire and written or verbal questions on maintenance and musical theory. Candidates at any level are assumed to have mastered the requirements of all previous levels by holding certificates, or by demonstrating their abilities.

You need not be a competitor to take advantage of the program. In fact, the program offers an “achievement ladder” for non-competitors. Nor must you be a member of EUSPBA, although our members enjoy reduced exam fees.

PCP Exams Offered

The following list includes all exams currently offered under the Progressive Certification Program. Click each one to review the syllabus for the exam to determine which level would be most appropriate for you. The program is designed to provide a ladder of increasingly advanced exams – that’s the progressive part.  However, you need not start at the bottom of your discipline, rather select the exam that best represents your level of knowledge and skill.

pdf-iconProgressive Certification Program (PCP) Overview (This overview is currently being updated. Please check back)

Piping Exam Information

pdf-iconPiping, Graduate Level

pdf-iconPiping, Level 1

pdf-iconPiping, Level 2

pdf-iconPiping, Level 3

pdf-iconPiping, Level 4

pdf-iconPiping, Level 5

Drumming Exam Information

pdf-iconSnare, Level 1

pdf-iconSnare, Level 2

pdf-iconSnare, Level 3

pdf-iconSnare, Level 4

pdf-iconSnare, Level 5

pdf-iconTenor/Bass, Level 1

pdf-iconTenor/Bass, Level 2

pdf-iconTenor/Bass, Level 3

pdf-iconTenor/Bass, Level 4

pdf-iconDrum Major