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The EUSPBA Mission

The EUSPBA recognizes that music competitions provide a means of improving piping, drumming, and pipe band musical performances, and has established a set of rules and regulations. We aspire to assist individuals and bands in reaching, not only their highest competitive potential, but also raising the level of our art. Contests that agree to follow the EUSPBA guidelines may be sanctioned by the association. EUSPBA sanctioning provides competitors a measure of uniformity in terms of rules, standards, and judging.

Background of The EUSPBA

In 1964, the Eastern United States Pipe Band Association was formed in the area that is roughly now the MidAtlantic Branch of the EUSPBA. We have grown to cover the entire East coast, stretching from Maine to Texas. This is the largest geographical area of any association of our kind in the world. In terms of individual memberships, we are the largest organization in the world. Our band membership is second only to the Royal Scottish Pipe Band Association.


40 Year History of the EUSPBA

In 2004, Roddy MacDonald put his experience of the history of EUSPBA down on paper, which became the book titled “Forty-Year History of the USPBA/EUSPBA, 1964 – 2004.” Roddy has been kind enough to permit us to include the book in its entirety here on our Web site. It contains a wealth of information on how and why our association was formed, and the changes its undergone in the past four decades.

My intention in writing this book is to give those interested a brief look at the forty-year history of the Eastern United States Pipe Band Association known as the EUSPBA, and to educate them with the way it was formed, the people who gave so much of their time and how it became the largest piping and drumming association in the world. The adjudication program was the first to be established and has become the finest there is. It continues to strive for nothing but the best, using the certification program as a steppingstone to success. Enclosed you will find the first two issues of; “The Bulletin” which you may find interesting reading. Having worked with all the founding members from its beginning as the EUSPBA I would like to say thank-you for your foresight and the time that you donated to this organization.

— Roderick W. “Roddy” MacDonald 2004

Past Presidents of the EUSPBA

1964-1974 P/M Duncan McCaskill, Sr. (deceased)
1974-1975 P/M Roderick W. MacDonald (deceased)
1975-1979 Maclean Macleod (deceased)
1979-1980 P/M Hamilton M. Workman (deceased)
1980-1981 P/M Donald F. Lindsay
1981-1983 Patrick Whelan
1983-1986 James G. Ling, Col, USAF (retired)
1986-1990 John Allen (deceased)
1990-1994 P/M James H. McIntosh, MBE
1994-1996 P/M David J. Hall
1996-1998 James E. Stack
1998-2000 June P. Hanley
2000-2004 P/M Albert G. McMullin
2004-2008 P/M Joseph P. McGonigal
2008-2010 P/M James Bell
2010-2014 Eric MacNeill
2014- Daniel Cole

For more about honored individuals who have helped shape the EUSPBA, please visit our Circle of Honor.