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Information for EUSPBA Monitors and Stewards

Information for EUSPBA Monitors and Stewards

Games Monitors

Monitors are critical to the smooth operation of EUSPBA sanctioned contests. Monitors are the representatives of the Association at the contest site. As such, they should possess a thorough knowledge of EUSPBA Rules and Regulations, the ability to work with volunteers and competitors, and a desire to forward the mission of EUSPBA. Monitors are given training opportunities throughout the year, and are provided with a small stipend for their service.

  • Some of the duties of Monitors include:
  • Explain EUSPBA Rules and Regulations when questions arise
  • Settle disputes concerning Rules and Regulations when possible; when impossible, assist in filing protests
  • Validate the draw (order of play) and contest results
  • Verify EUSPBA membership among competitors
  • Maintain the cooperative relationship between competitors, the Games (or host) and EUSPBA
  • Ensuring that the paperwork is done correctly and delivered promptly to EUSPBA

If you are interested in assisting EUSPBA in this critical position, please contact EUSPBA Sanctioner for more information on training and monitoring opportunities.


EUSPBA Stewards

Stewards are the unsung heroes of EUSPBA competitions who assist judges in running a smooth and efficient contest. Most stewards are unpaid volunteers, but they are key to the competitor’s enjoyment, the judges satisfaction, the spectator’s pleasure, and the games organizer’s relief.

Each contest must arrange for its own stewards, and each has a variety of ways of obtaining volunteers. Prime candidates for stewarding include, but are in no way limited to: friends and family of competitors who will be at the games anyway; players who are considering competing and would like to become familiar with how they work; those with a love of pipes and drums; service groups like scouts or schools who wish to help the community; etc. , etc. Frequently stewards are rewarded with free admission to the games or festival where the contest is held.

If you are considering serving as a steward, it is recommended that you contact the games directly. Check their Web site for the Piping and Drumming Coordinator and let them know you are willing to serve. You can also check at the registration table on the day of the games if you decide at the last minute that you want to help, although it certainly helps the organizers to know in advance that they have enough stewards.

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