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EUSPBA Express Membership Renewal

2017 EUSPBA Express Membership Renewal

If you have no changes to your contact information, you can renew online here.

1. Select membership type from the drop-down menu – Individual, Family or Band. Remember that rates go up on January 1, 2017.

2. Member Name – enter your name for individual membership; for family, enter primary family member followed by each family member’s name; for band, enter the band’s name (and grade if you have multiple units). Bands must still submit the band roster found here.

3. Enter your 2016 Membership number. If you don’t have your card handy, you can look up your number here: individual | band. This number MUST be correct to successfully process your renewal.

Payment. PayPal processes our payments, but no PayPal account is required to use this services. If you are using your debit/credit card and not a PayPal account, select the link labeled ‘Don’t Have a PayPal Account?’ – it’s right below the login section.

Has your contact information changed? Renew using the PDF files found here:



Membership Type
Member Name(s) / Band Name
2016 EUSPBA Number