Friday , November 17 2017
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Grade 2, 1 and premier piping requirements have changed since 2016, in accordance with what was printed in the 2016 rulebook, on page 20.

“+++For playing year 2017 Grade 1 shall play an MSR, submit 3 of each play 1 of each (judge picks set); H/J submit 2 of each, play one of each; 6/8 submit 3 play 2

 ++++For playing year 2017 Grade 2 shall play March submit 2, play 1; S/R submit 2, play 1; H/J submit 1 of each, play one of each.  Grade 2 shall not play an MSR.”

Premier Piping is a new section listed above Professional on page 20 of this year’s rule book.

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